23 iunie 2021


by: Alina


Categories: Companies & People


It’s been said that in the summer and in the first days of the new year, most career changes occur. It must be something about the holiday vibe that influences us during the summer and Christmas days off, that we feel this urge to change some things in our lives.

The most common thing we change, besides our hair colour and wardrobe is our job. Some studies say that one person changes his job about 10-15 times in a lifetime.
So, it’s a fact that we will be changing jobs all of our life. Are you having these thoughts this time of the year? We made a summer selection of articles to be read when you are in full process of a career change.


  1. How to Think About Your Career – talks about how one’s career is defined by their skills and how they’ve used them, not by any external measure of their progress. Read the full article here.
  2. 5 Tips For Achieving A Career You Love – people want to change their career for a variety of different reasons: they want to make more money, they’re unhappy at their current job, they want to relocate, or they want to completely change careers. Regardless of the main motivation for seeking a career change, there are three things one must get from his/her job: alignment with who they are, that job makes them great money, and he/she has an impact on the world. Read the full article here.
  3. Think Strategically About Your Career Development – in a proffesional world where one is doing a lot of operational work and where the manager and HR leader doesn’t have time to do things that can deploy his/her talents moving forward, one must take control of their career in their own hands and become more strategic about the process. Read the full article here.
  4. The Art of Career Development – is there an art in career developement? Are we meant to be artist of our professional ways? Watch the video here.
  5. Don’t Spend Your Life Making Up Your Mind – in a to do lists, planning, reading all about it, less time world, the best thing to do is take action. Read the full article here.